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The top company for Garage door repairs Edison, NJ: We offer several services such as garage door spring repair, garage door cable repairs, overhead door installations, maintenance, and garage door openers. Our slogan is there is never a job too hard for us to fix. We do any type of repair and our trucks are fully stocked with inventory to be able to assist you and solve the problem on the spot. Why settle for a company that is not known. Be confident that Garage Door Repairs NJ can get the job done for you 732-998-0017

Garage Door Openers Edison, NJ


It is very possible to call a company like Precision garage doors or Home Depot to come install a garage door opener. These companies usually carry only one type of opener. Garage Door Repairs in Edison, NJ has every type of opener on the market. We are not exclusive to any company like Lifemaster, Craftsman, Genie or Chamberlain. This allows us to pair your current garage door with the perfect opener fit for your door. Call us today for new and opener repairs at 732-998-0017

Liftmaster Edison, NJ


If you are in the market for a garage door opener Liftmaster openers are a top choice. The 8355W Liftmaster belt drive has a 1/2 horsepower system. This motor also contains a Wifi remote hookup which can be controlled directly from you're smartphone. Finally it has one of the best safeguards available in the industry. You can monitor and control who goes in and out of the garage door to protect your home and belongings. Top garage door openers in Edison, NJ.

Garage Door Services Edison NJ


There are lots of different parts to garage doors. This requires different types of services. Sometimes just keeping your garage door maintained and doing a full rebuild can make your door last a much longer time. Garage door rebuilds consist of cables, rollers, drums, and springs. These are the moving parts of a garage door when lifted without an opener. A garage door with these parts can operate manually just as good as any other door. Call us for any garage door services in Edison, NJ 732-998-0017

24/7 Emergency Garage Service


 We offer garage door repair, maintenance, garage door parts and replace garage door parts. Also, we repair garage door openers. As a reliable Edison, NJ garage door repair company, we are available to you whenever you need us. Providing 24/7 service to all of New Jersey, we are here for your emergency garage door repair needs. Our mobile technicians are available anytime to take a look at your garage door and figure out the issue. Call us at 732-998-0017

Torsion Spring Repair Edison, NJ


Torsion springs are the best spring system for garage doors. The reason or such is they require a low amount of maintenance. They might cost more than extension springs but they have a much longer lifeline. The way torsion springs work is they are wounded with extreme amount of torque, when it releases it turns and helps lift the door with the drums and rollers. If you need a torsion spring repair or replacement call Garage Door Repairs Edison, NJ today at 732-988-0017


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