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Broken Spring Repair NJ

Whenever your garage door breaks, you don’t just have a problem  you have an emergency! How would you feel if you can't move from your home without a car? Your kids are waiting to be taken to school. You need to go to a grocery store to make some lunch, but you can't. You need a garage door spring repair and quickly. This is where Garage Door Repairs NJ comes in. We provide emergency service around the clock, we come repair your door right when you need it most. Even on holidays or weekends,Garage Door Repairs NJ is happy to help with your garage door emergency. We pride ourselves on professional workmanship. If your door has a simple problem, we provide a simple solution a less reputable company might try to tell you that the whole system needs replacing. If your spring breaks, for example, we’ll do a checkup on your whole door and motor assembly, but if the rest of the system is working properly, we’ll fix your spring and be on our way. 

Extension Springs NJ


Garage door extension springs come in many sizes. Not all garage doors have extension springs in their systems. It's about 50/50 when it comes to using either extension springs or torsion springs in NJ. An extension spring setup consists of the two rails going overhead and the garage door having a spring on each side to help pull the door up. It acts as an assistant to the garage door opener. When the garage door extension springs are working at full capacity the door goes up and down very easily. Extension springs should always be fastened with cables to protect you and your belongings. If an extensions spring snaps it can ricochet at extremely high speeds and damage anything in its surroundings. This is why we always warn against DIY garage door spring repair. If it can tear a hole into a two inch thick piece of sheetrock imagine what It can do to you or your car. This is why safety cables should always be installed by a professional. Call us today for more information 732-998-0017

Garage Door Spring Replacement


Broken garage door spring(s) are one of the most common service call we receive. If you have a broken garage door spring you may not be able to open the garage door at all. Other symptoms of a broken spring can be the opener will open the door a few inches and then the door closes again, you may see the cables hanging loose from one or both sides of the garage door and the most obvious is you look up at the springs and see the broken spring. Every spring job we go out on we physically weigh the garage door. This is the single most important step to determine the proper size spring for your garage door. It is also important to know the height of the garage door. We use the weight of the garage door to figure IPPT (Inch per Pound Turn), the IPPT is then used to determine the proper size spring(s) to use for your garage door. It is very difficult to give accurate estimates over the phone for spring replacement jobs without knowing the exact weight and height off the garage door.

Torsion Springs NJ

Torsion Spring Garage Door Repairs NJ

If you're garage door setup is a torsion spring setup Garage Door Repairs NJ believes you're at an advantage. Torsion spring setups usually last longer and have some better safety precautions than extension springs. If you see that you're torsion spring is broken be very careful to not try and open up the door. Nonetheless when a torsion spring breaks the door falls with its full weight. This can be very dangerous if someone is in the way of the door. This is the reason changing or fixing a torsion spring should be left to a certified garage door technician. When installing or repairing a broken torsion spring you need the correct tools to be able to give it the correct IPPT (inch per pound turn). This IPPT puts the torque into the spring and allows it to make the door move up and down with ease. It literally holds all the weight of the door in its spring function.

Garage Door Spring Specialist


The promise Garage Door Repairs NJ gives is a 100% satisfaction guaranteed experience. Ask us about our warranties and who will be putting in your new springs. We have specialist who niche in spring repairs for garage doors in New Jersey. Don't settle for just any company, we make sure to service you from A-Z. Furthermore, we provide springs that are of industrial quality. They are not your typical springs that you find at a local utility store. Garage door springs range from different prices depending on the situation. When a garage door is a traditional door a spring repair can be cheap and easy but still dangerous to repair. If it is a commercial garage door spring the price can be in the thousands to repair. It all depends on the situation that is why it is best to call a Garage Door Repairs NJ specialist to come give you a free estimate today. 

Garage Door Broken Spring


The most common reasons a garage door won’t open are that the garage door opener is malfunctioned or the garage door spring is broken. If your garage door opener is not working, you can simply pull the manual or emergency release and open the garage by hand. Then you should call a garage door opener repair technician to fix it. If your spring is broken, opening the garage door manually will be difficult or impossible. If your garage door is difficult to open, please do not force it, as this can cause further damage. Repairing your garage spring or opener can be dangerous and should only be done by a professional. What if I just heard a loud noise in my garage?  It is likely that your garage door spring just broke. Garage door springs break simply due to wear and tear most springs are rated for between five and ten thousand cycles, and once this number is reached, the spring will break. If your garage door spring breaks, you will need to have it replaced.