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There are several different types of garage doors. If you are in the market for a new garage door, garage door installation, or replacing your garage door in Monmouth County, NJ you come to the right place. Garage doors are made of vinyl, wood, steel or aluminum. Each garage door type contains a different type of advantage, aesthetic, and look. If you are selling your home and the garage door doesn't look so attractive it Is a good idea to replace it and get a new garage door. Not only will your house look and be more expensive you can list it for more money and people will be willing to pay more for it. This assists you both in selling it and ends up covering the cost of the new garage door installation. If you need a new garage door just because your old one is broken or has been in bad shape for a while we are the perfect company to call. 

Garage Door Repairs Monmouth County, NJ


Garage door acting up in Monmouth County, NJ? Having trouble trying to figure out what the problem is? Don't sweat it, call Garage Door Repairs NJ we have been in business fixing, repairing and replacing garage doors since 2008. When it comes to garage repairs we have a combined 100 years of experience within our technicians. Be aware to practice garage door safety techniques and precautions when dealing with a broken door. Many moving parts can be a hazard such as springs snapping, a broken torsion spring, broken sensors ect. Each function has its own different safety precaution which you need to take. If you are looking for help for garage door repairs in Monmouth County NJ please do not hesitate to call us at 732-998-0017

Monmouth County Nj Garage Spring Repairs

garage door spring repair monmouth county nj

There are two different type of spring systems: Extension springs and Torsion springs. Your garage door uses one or the other of the spring systems to assist in lifting the garage door and lowering it. The springs act as lifts or supports. It is very easy to tell which spring system your garage door uses by going to the garage and looking at your setup. If you have two springs on the tracks parallel to one another you know that you are using an extension spring system. Torsion springs are on top of your door which can be seen when lowering the door totally. The extension spring works by pulling the door with the force of the door relying on the springs. Torsion springs are tightly coiled and hold the torque of the door on the springs. When the torsions turn it releases the torque and lifts the door. If you need assistance with garage door spring repair in Monmouth County, NJ call us 732-998-0017

Cables & Roller Repair Monmouth County, NJ


Garage doors work as a unit and each moving part supports the other. Cables, drums and rollers are important for the function of the garage door. If you have a broken garage door cable or garage door roller in Monmouth County, NJ your garage door will not be able to function. The rollers and cables are attached to the garage and springs which help pull up and lower the garage door. If one of these are malfunctioned it causes the garage to either be unbalanced or totally stop working. These are easy fixed for Garage Door Repairs NJ and we can have your overhead door working in no time. The garage door cables contain a lot of tension with the pulley and lift system and should be repaired by a professional technician only. Call us today at 732-998-0017

Garage Door Openers Monmouth County, NJ


The best garage door opener installers and replacement company in Monmouth County, NJ are right in front of you. We deal with the top garage door openers companies such as Liftmaster, Genie, and Chamberlain. If you want a belt drive chain, chain drive, or screw drive call garage door repairs NJ today. If a smooth running quiet opener is what you are looking for you should be shopping around for a belt drive garage door opener. If lifting a heavy door is your number one priority using a Genie screen drive opener for your door. We will help explain the different functions and advantages of using one opener over the other. Garage door repairs NJ will send a technician to come evaluate your garage doors size and weight to see what opener fits your door best. Call today 732-998-0017

Garage Door Installation Monmouth County, NJ


In the market for a new garage door installation in Monmouth County, NJ? Do you want a garage door that is custom or a specific type  to increase the value of your home? We have different types of garage doors available to you. 

  • Wood Overhead Doors
  • Aluminum Garage Doors
  • Fiberglass Garage Door
  • Vinyl Garage Doors
  • and more..

We at Garage Door Repairs NJ use several different manufactures such as Haas Doors, Amarr, Clopay ect. We assure you that there is a door that will fit your needs and vision. We send technicians out for a free estimate and insure / guarantee our work. The technician makes sure the job is done and the customer is completely satisfied call us today for garage door installations and replacement.

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