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Commercial Garage Doors Mercer County, NJ

Commercial Garage Door

Commercial garage doors professionals in Mercer County, NJ. These types of doors and repairs are much more complicated both in nature and physicality needed to get these doors installed perfectly. Some commercial garage doors can weigh up to a ton. Each industry and commercial business requires a different type of garage door. There are several types ranging from:

  • Commercial Rolling Steel Doors
  • Insulated Commercial Manufacture Doors
  • Firehouse Garage Doors
  • General use and Warehouse Commercial Garage Doors

Each of these doors are very unique but one of our technicians can be sure to help you choose the correct one for your business. 

Garage Door Cables Mercer County, NJ

Garage Door Cables Mercer County

Top Garage door cables repair in Mercer County NJ. Garage door cables are long elastic ropes of metal which run down the two sides of your garage door through the tracks. They are what pull the door up and down and hold much of the weight of the garage door on them. If both of them snapped at the same time the garage door would fly down and crush the ground. Garage door cable problems happen very often and are one of our most visited problems. We see cable repairs weekly and are professionals at diagnosing and fixing this problem. It sometimes might seem that it is something else that is making your door behave a certain way until you see it is from the cables, rollers, or tracks. Call us today for you garage door repairs in Mercer County, NJ

Garage Door Repairs Mercer County, NJ

garage door repair Mercer County nj

In need of garage door repair Mercer County, NJ? Having garage door problems? You came to the right place. Garage Door repairs can range from broken springs, a malfunctioning garage door opener, old rollers, or problems with the garage door cables. It sometimes takes a professional that has been trained as a garage door technician to come and diagnose the problem. Please be careful trying to DIY garage door repairs. It is possible to fix small problems on your own but the risk outweighs the benefit of fixing it on your own. Usually these problems reoccur or end up costing you more in the long run. It is always best to get a professional opinion just like you would with other things in life. Call Garage Door Repairs Mercer County NJ today at 732-998-0017

Garage Door Spring Repair Mercer County, NJ


Springs suspended overhead above tracks on cable pulley system are extension springs. Torsion springs are mounted on metal bar directly above door which is visible. These two systems are different from one another. Garage doors have one or the other. Torquemaster springs are located directly over door inside a metal tube. Garage Door Spring Repairs in Mercer County NJ should be left to professionals. Each of these spring systems can be very dangerous to fix on your own. They contain extreme amount of tension o them and if they snap it can cause major injury or even death. Call us today Garage Door Repairs Mercer County NJ 732-998-0017.

24/7 Emergency Garage Door Repairs Mercer County, NJ


The only real 24/7 Emergency garage door repair company in Mercer County, NJ. More often than you think garage doors malfunction at hours that are critical. If you park your car in the garage having It work at 100% is very important to your day, business, and family. The last thing someone wants is to get stuck in their garage door on the way to a meeting or an appointment. Our company is located in your local area as we have trucks all over NJ and can get someone out to diagnose and fix the problem anytime. This is why Garage Door Repairs NJ will have our technicians out 24/7 to help with garage door repairs in Mercer County NJ. Call us at 732-998-0017

Mercer County NJ Liftmaster Openers


Liftmaster Garage Door Openers are the leading openers in the garage industry. They have the best belt and chain driven openers. The lift master 8550W is the top belt drive. It contains security, quiet, and reliability. Contains a 12V DC motor, 53 RPM motors, automatic thermal protection, Wi-fi integration, and permanent lubrication. Garage door repair and openers in Mercer County can be done to perfection by us. The choices for different openers are endless, let someone with experience recommend the best garage door opener for your doors weight, size, and home placement. Garage door repairs NJ is an authorized dealer of lift master, chamberlain and genie garage door openers. Call us today for a free estimate 732-998-0017


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