Middlesex County NJ Garage Door Repairs

Middlesex NJ Garage Door Repairs

Never a job too hard for Garage Door Repairs NJ to fix. We have 3 trucks throughout the Middlesex County, NJ area ready to assist you 24/7 for emergency jobs or regular jobs. We offer free estimates and discounted prices on all repairs. If you have a quote from another garage door company we can beat it! The worst feeling is waking up in the morning trying to get to work and your car is stuck inside the garage because the overhead door won't lift. What do you do at this point? You can try to fix it yourself but that is always not recommended as garage doors can be dangerous if you do not have professional training. Call garage door repairs Middlesex County, NJ today at 732-998-0017.

Middlesex NJ Garage Spring Repair

You're sitting in the living room and hear a huge BANG and wonder where it came from. You walk into the garage and see that one of your extension springs snapped because of the cold weather. No items were damaged in the process but now you can't get the door to open and close. This is a situation that happens daily and one we see very often. You need to replace both extension springs because replacing only one garage door spring will not equalize the tension. Springs that have been used for many cycles are looser and don't have the tension new springs will have. This is a quick fix but a dangerous one to handle on your own. Call us today 732-998-0017

New Garage Door Installation Middlesex NJ

Garage doors are heavy and complicated so it is important to use a trained professional when installing a new garage door in Middlesex County Nj. Safety is probably the number one reason to have a company come install the door. These doors are a big hazard if something goes wrong. You get the training and tools that comes along with a professional. The choices are large when it comes to material, color, size, windows, and options. Each garage door has different advantages and disadvantages. When you are looking for a new garage door installation and replacement make sure to consider Garage Door Repairs NJ and call us for a free estimate today at 732-998-0017

Cables & Rollers Middlesex NJ

We have cables, rollers, drums, hinges, tracks, screws, nuts and bolts. Anything to do with garage doors we are your local specialist. Why take a chance with another garage door company when you can work with a trusted brand that has been in business and has a combined experience of 100+ years in garage doors. Broken garage door cables hold the weight of the door as it retracts. If your cable breaks, you door will be unusable. If your garage door rollers are worn, bent, or broken your garage door may be noisy and unusable. There are hinges and rollers in several places on your garage door, which means they work as a system. Replacing your garage door roller will make your door run smoothly again. If any of these are problems you are running into call us. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed Garage Services

Trust your local garage door repairs NJ company when it comes to your garage door needs. Do you have a problem with your garage not opening up smoothly? Is your garage door totally out of balance? The garage isn't working at all? We have seen it all. Call one of our technicians to come for a free estimate and diagnose the problem in Middlesex County NJ garage door repair. We will take care of you from A-Z and our brand promise is satisfaction guaranteed. Our technicians are both insured and warrantied to give you confidence that the job will get done the way you want it to get done. Integrity is key in the garage door business. We also offer 10% off any quote you received from other companies. Call Today 732-998-0017

Middlesex NJ Garage Openers

The four known companies for garage door openers are Liftmaster who leads the industry, Chamberlain who is owned by lift master, Genie who specializes in screw drive garage door openers and Craftsman. Depending on the type of door you have, how close it is to your living room and how heavy it is, your opener choice will differ. For garages that are close to rooms a belt drive makes most sense as it is very smooth and quiet. This won't disturb people who live in close quarters. If your garage door is heavy it will require a screw drive garage door opener which are also quiet but can be a bit pricier. Chain drive openers are cheapest but can make noise, cause more problems and not be as smooth when opening and closing. Call us today 732-998-0017


Garage Door Repairs NJ

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