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We have every type of garage door in Middletown, NJ. Vinyl, Wood, Aluminum, and Steel garage doors. Each has a different function and type of insulation for your garage door. Steel garage doors are usually used for commercial or industrial doors and are roll up. There are even glass garage doors which are custom and unique. These can really add to your homes aesthetics. Let one of our Garage Door Repairs NJ technicians come and help you choose your dream door. Call 732-998-0017

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Garage door services in Middletown, NJ are not just about coming in and fixing the door. Its more than that; keeping the garage door clean, being honest and having integrity, being able to help and give back to the community. These are all things that our company was built on. We offer 10% off any quote that you currently have from another garage door company. We also have discounted repair and installation rates for senior citizens and military personnel. 

Middletown NJ Garage Spring Repair


Spring repairs are best left for the pro's. It has nothing to do if you can get it done on your own or if you have no idea how to replace a garage door spring. Springs are just one of the most dangerous fixes and mechanisms in a garage and our technicians are professionally trained to replace the springs. Always make sure safety cables are used when installing extension springs to protect against a sudden garage door spring snapping. Call us today 732-998-0017

Garage Door Repair Middletown NJ


We have trucks which are fully stocked with inventory ready to tackle the hardest most complicated jobs. Some of our basic garage door repairs are as follows: 

  • Cable repair
  • Torsion springs
  • Extension springs
  • Openers / motors
  • Tracks, Rollers, Drums
  • and more...

We will diagnose the problem and get your door working back to its original state. Call 732-998-0017

24/7 Emergency Garage Services Middletown NJ


Need service at midnight because you heard a bang in the garage, you walk inside the garage and see a spring has snapped? Now you are locked into your garage and can't get your car out for the morning? Well today is your luckiest unlucky day, Garage Door Repairs NJ has a 24/7 emergency service ready and available to come help you repair your door at times of extreme need. Do not hesitate to call us up we can have a technician out at any time. It is best to fix the problem when you're not in a hurry to get to work or take the kids to school. Call us today 732-998-0017

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The cheapest motors are usually chain drive motors. These chains are inside a track which is attached to the door and helps pull the door up. It doesn't do even 20% of the work but it helps the springs, cables and other moving parts gain momentum to complete a full lift. Chamberlain makes the best chain drive motors on the market. They are a subsidiary of Liftmaster but have perfected the chain motor manufacture. Garage Door Repairs NJ is an authorized dealer of Liftmaster, Genie, and Chamberlain call us today for a free estimate on a new opener or an opener repair in Middletown, NJ


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